Journaling & Personal History 101 Class: Discover Yourself Through Writing

Journaling & Personal History 101 | Dream Big and Create Your Own Story | 7:00 Tuesday Nights Upstairs Conference Room

Thank you for joining our journey!

We had a fantastic course in 2023 with thoughtful discussions and exciting journeys of introspection, creativity, and storytelling. From Work to Time Capsules, we explored the art of journaling and the beauty of preserving personal history.

Check Out the Prompts Below!

While our journey together through this curriculum has drawn to an end, there is still a way for you to delve into the world of writing, self-exploration, and meaningful connections. Check out our Prompts Packet below for the full list of prompts, and explore the joys and benefits of journaling, self-reflection, and personal storytelling! For image files of these prompts, check out our Facebook album "Journaling & Personal History 101".
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