History Timeline of Uintah County Library

1907—Fundraiser to begin library “Queen Esther Opera” at Jake Workman Hall.

1908—First Library Board announced in March, Mina Pack— Librarian in April. The Library was located on South Vernal Avenue and housed 300 books.

1909—Library was housed in the old Rock Tithing House on North Vernal Avenue. It was a City Library at this time.

1909—Bertha Meredith installed as second librarian 1909-1920.

1915—Relocated to 54 West Main Street

1916—Relocated to 81 West Main Street

1919—Mill Levy initiated for funding by the Uintah County Commissioners. Vernal City and County Library became Uintah County Library.

1919—Merle Massey was sent to New York to attend a six week course for librarians. She served as the County Librarian.

1932-1948—Elizabeth Manker was hired as Librarian. Records show 4,690 books were housed in the Library. During this time relics were gathered by the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers and displayed in the rear of the Library.

1948—Crystal Lewis was hired as Librarian. At this time the library was located next to the Pool Hall and she instituted a move for the library. It was moved to the old Central School Building on Vernal Avenue and 200 South.

1948—Marge Eaton replaced Crystal Lewis as Librarian.

1958—Leora Jacobe appointed Library Director saw the changes as the new library was being built along with the new county building in 1959. She read every book that came into the library to approve of its content.

1974—An addition was added onto the library and completed in 1975. This doubled the size of the current library. Jacobe retired on 1976.

1976—Doris Karren Burton hired as Library Director. She had been the Assistant Director for several years.

1976—Utah American Bicentennial Committee—Margurite Colton appointed chairman—First lady doll collection donated and housed in the library.

1982—Doris Karren Burton stepped down as Library Director and began the Uintah County Regional History Center.

1982—Evan Baker appointed to Library Director

1983—Elizabeth Sowards replaced Doris Karren Burton as County Historian.

1984—began automation

1985—William Jolley selected as County historian replacing Elizabeth Sowards. Doris Karren Burton returned to replace William Jolley (unknown date)

1990-1991—A two-story addition to the Library added 5,600 sq. feet.

1996—December 10, designated as a Community Learning Center, complete with computers and an internet hookup

2002—20,100 library cards issues in a population of 26,000 residents.

2005—Frank Bruno hired as Library Director

2007—Doris Karren Burton retires as Uintah County Regional History Director

2007—Sam Passey hired as Library Director.

2011—Revenue Bond approved for new Uintah County Community Resource Center. Ground is broken in May of this year.

Uintah County Community Resource Center

2012—Grand Opening of new Community Resource Center—August 6, 2012—Total Patrons 30,663—Checkouts 237,037—Items—137,429.

2013—Dedication of Concert Grand Piano in Large Conference Room.

2014—New Uintah Basin Library System includes Duchesne, Roosevelt and Uintah Libraries.

2018 -- City Councilman and local business owner Ted Mumford donates his costume collection to the Library
Mumford Costume Collection

Prepared by Ellen S. Kiever

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