Ink & Insights Journaling Class

Uintah County Library | Ink & Insights Journaling Class | Tuesday Nights @ 7:00 p.m. | Upstairs Conference Room

Embark on a transformative adventure of self-exploration through the art of journaling!

Ink & Insights is a dynamic and interactive class designed to guide you through the enriching process of self-discovery, personal growth, and lifelong learning. Join us in a welcoming and supportive environment where the power of your own words becomes a catalyst for insight and reflection.

📖 What to Expect:

  • Engaging discussions on various journaling topics
  • Thoughtful prompts to inspire self-reflection
  • Creative exercises to unleash your inner storyteller
  • Open dialogues for sharing insights and experiences
  • A supportive community of fellow explorers

🎨 Topics Include:

  • Exploring Your Comfort Zone
  • Cultivating Positivity through Gratitude Journaling
  • Unleashing Creativity with Artistic Journaling
  • Navigating Life Stages through Journaling
  • Mindful Living and Present Moment Awareness
  • Journaling for Stress Relief and Coping Strategies
  • Identifying Personal Values and Core Beliefs
  • The Role of Symbols and Icons in Self-Reflection

🌟 Who Should Attend: Whether you're new to journaling or a seasoned writer, "Ink and Insights" welcomes individuals of all backgrounds and experiences. If you're curious about self-discovery, personal development, and the power of words to shape your journey, this class is for you!

🗓️ When: Every Tuesday evening at 7:00 in 2024 (no registration required, drop-ins welcome)

📍 Where: Upstairs Conference Room (behind the fireplace area in the northeast corner)

🔗 How to Join: Simply bring your favorite journal and an open mind. No RSVP is needed – just show up and explore the endless possibilities that lie within your own words.

🌈 Join us for a transformative experience where every stroke of ink becomes a step toward self-enlightenment!

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This Week's Lesson

Ink & Insights Lesson by Uintah County Library

Ink & Insights Lessons

Did you miss class? Check out the lessons below to see what you missed and get this week's set of prompts!

Note: The following PDF files are best viewed on desktop computers. They may be downloaded on mobile devices, but tablets will only display the first page at this time. We appreciate your patience while we work to resolve this issue. In the meantime, if you are unable to view these files, please contact class instructor Stacia Watkins at and she will gladly send you the lesson files directly. Go forth, write, and discover!

Lesson 01 | Introducing Journaling: Defining Your Personal Why
Lesson 02 | The Power of Blank Pages: Overcoming Journaling Blocks and Self-Doubt
Lesson 03 | Exploring Your Comfort Zone: What It Reveals About You
Lesson 04 | Journaling Through Life Stages: Reflecting on Growth
Lesson 05 | Peers & Passions: Exploring Our Social Environments
Lesson 06 | Know Thyself: Harnessing Self-Awareness
Lesson 07 | Imagination: Creativity in New & Old Corners
Lesson 08 | Exploring Your Inner Child: Rediscovering Joy and Curiosity
Lesson 09 | Connections: Exploring Our Relationships
Lesson 10 | Facing Fear: A Universal Experience
Lesson 11 | Objects & Collections: How Items Can Spark Memory and Stories
Lesson 12 | Personal Symbols: How Personal Icons Bridge the Gap Between Our Conscious and Unconscious Selves

Resources for Further Study