Library Meeting Room Policy


1.1 The Uintah County Library Meeting Rooms are available for use by the library and the community at large in conducting programs, activities and meetings under the conditions of use outlined below.

1.2 The Library Director will designate a library staff person(s) who will schedule and coordinate use of the meeting rooms.

1.3. Library activities shall take precedence in scheduling over non-library programs.

1.4 Uintah County Library encourages use of the library meeting rooms for community activities, meetings, and programs.



2.1 The Uintah County Library Meeting Rooms are available for use by community civic, educational, governmental, and cultural groups insomuch as such meetings:

  1. Are scheduled prior to the activity by contacting the designated library staff person(s) or completing an online room request, which will then be approved by the designated library staff person(s).
  2. Are scheduled only within the normal operating hours of Uintah County Library.
  3. Are open to the public. No private parties, reunions, or social functions such as birthday parties or family game nights are permitted.
  4. Are noncommercial or non-revenue generating.
  5. Do not entail a cover charge or participation fee.
  6. Are held in a manner that does not infringe upon other library activities, including patrons browsing library materials or the normal day-to-day operations of the library.
  7. Meet library standards concerning the free expression of ideas or discussion.
  8. Meet accepted community standards with regard to subject matter.
  9. Do not infer library sponsorship or agreement with either the sponsoring organization or the ideas expressed at the meeting.
  10. Are not scheduled further than three months from the date of request.
  11. Do not use the name or the address of the Library as the official address, mailing address, or headquarters of any individual or groups using meeting rooms.



3.1 Individuals and groups with a need to utilize meeting rooms on a recurring or regular basis will be accommodated with the understanding that no tenure or priority exists in meeting room use beyond these policies and regulations. In establishing these policies and regulations, it is the purpose of the Library to balance the need of individuals and groups to engage in regularly scheduled meetings, with the reasonable expectation of other individuals and groups in the community to have fair access to Library meeting rooms on dates and at times consistent with their needs.

3.2 Individuals and groups needing to schedule a meeting room on a regular weekly basis may do so for up to twelve consecutive weeks. They can renew their request for an additional twelve weeks following their eighth meeting, provided no other meetings have been scheduled that would preclude the renewal.

3.3 Individuals and groups needing to schedule a meeting room on a regular basis may do so for up to six consecutive months. They can renew their request for an additional six months following their fourth meeting, provided that no other meetings have been scheduled that would preclude the renewal.

3.4 Individuals who schedule recurring reservations but fail to appear for two reservations in a row, without notifying the Library within 24 hours of the cancellation, will lose the remaining recurring reservations and will lose the privilege to make recurring reservations for six (6) months.



4.1 Uintah County Library may cancel or refuse to schedule meetings under the circumstances where:

  1. Planned meeting content does not meet library criteria.
  2. Event sponsors have previously failed to follow proscribed protocol as outlined in library policy.
  3. In response to a declared emergency.
  4. In response to an order from the local Health Department.
  5. Due to a scheduling conflict.

4.2 Refusals may be appealed to the library director and further to the library board of trustees.

4.3 Decisions made by the board of trustees are final.

4.4 The library may cancel an already scheduled event if there is a scheduling conflict or if information comes to light indicating that an already calendared meeting does not meet the established conditions of use.

4.5 Every effort will be made to notify the meeting group in a timely manner of this cancellation. If a cancellation is made because of scheduling difficulties, efforts will be made to reschedule the event in another, non-conflicting time slot.

4.6 If the meeting room is no longer needed for any reason, the Event Sponsor must contact the Library as soon as possible, and not less than 24 hours prior to the event, so the room may be made available to others. Multiple violations of this section could result in a loss of reservation privileges for a specified amount of time depending on the severity of the violations.

4.7 Event Sponsors must have the following information available prior to reserving a meeting room:

  1. Date;
  2. Start time, including set-up time;
  3. End time, including tear down time; and
  4. Event description.

Individuals may not reserve a meeting room as a “placeholder” for an event.



5.1 The individual submitting the room request is responsible for maintaining order at the meeting and ensuring that the number of people in the meeting room does not exceed that allowed by the current fire code. The individual submitting the room request is also responsible for discipline of those in attendance and care of the room, furnishings and equipment. This includes picking up and disposing of any papers or clutter, and placing trash in designated receptacles.

5.2 The Library will hold the applicant financially liable for any damage to library property that occurs during the meeting or program. Failure to comply may result in a denial of future meeting room use for both the applicant and group using the room for a period of one year, and in cases of property damage, may result in legal action. In no instance will an individual or group be allowed use of meeting rooms if the individual or group has failed to pay for past damages to the premises, furnishings or equipment.

5.3 Organizers are encouraged to discuss their equipment needs with the coordinating staff person prior to scheduling. Internet access may be available for meeting groups, provided that:

  1. The library can make internet services available in a reasonable and timely fashion.
  2. Such internet access does not represent a security threat to the existing library network.
  3. Groups must supply their own computer equipment.

5.4 While library chairs and tables are available for group use, the group assumes responsibility for setting these up prior to the meeting and putting these away following the meeting. The library meeting room must be left in pre-event condition.

5.5 Kitchen facilities are not available. Light refreshments may be served as long as reasonable efforts are made to clean up the facility following the meeting. Drinks using dyes, such as punch, may not be served.



6.1 Uintah County Library assumes no responsibility either for the use of the facility or the ideas expressed within. Individuals and groups using the library meeting rooms do so at their own risk.


DATE ADOPTED: July 27, 2005

AMENDED: August 27, 2021

AMENDED: February 24, 2023