Library Use Policy

Patron Cards


Patron Card Requirement:

Residents of and visitors to Uintah County may obtain a library card free of charge, upon completion of an application providing the name, address, and phone number. Applicants must also show proper identification, and proof of address in cases where photo identification does not show current address. The privileges associated with the card may be suspended by the failure of the patron to comply with library policies.


Patron Card Provisions:

  1. Subject to the following exceptions, Library patrons shall present their library cards at the time of checkout. If the patron loses their library card, they will be required to pay the replacement cost for a new library card prior to checkout.
  2. Any patron owing $10.00 or more on their library card is required to pay that amount before being allowed to check out any additional items.
  3. Library patrons can checkout no more than twenty-four (24) items on any one library card.
  4. The checkout period for general library materials is three (3) weeks. Patrons may renew their checked-out items for one additional period. Renewals can be done in person, phone, or online.
  5. Library equipment checkout by the patron must be returned to the library on the date provided on the Uintah County Library Equipment Use Agreement form.
  6. A card-holding patron in good standing (no unpaid fines, overdue or missing library articles), may present a photographic I.D. in lieu of presenting their library card, so long as the library staff are able to verify contact information.
  7. Library cards are not transferable.


Fees Fines and Charges:

Library fees, fines, and charges are as set forth in the Uintah County Fee Schedule. The Library Director designee(s) may waive Library fees and fines during seasonal promotions such as “food for fines” or to correct billing errors.

Overdue notices are emailed to patrons. Library staff may make up to three courtesy calls in the thirty days following an overdue charge. Failure of the staff to make these contacts does not relieve patron of liability for overdue charges.

When items are forty-five (45) days overdue they are assumed lost and the library patron will be billed for the lost items.

A library patron may be entitled to reimbursement if the lost library item was returned after the library fee was paid, if:

  1. The lost library item was returned within two (2) weeks of payment of the lost library item; and
  2. The lost Library item was returned in usable condition for circulation, as determined by the Library Director, or designee; and
  3. The Library did not purchase a replacement copy of the lost Library item.


Referral to collection agency: The Library may contract with a collection agency as set forth below.

Patrons who:

  • Owe at least $25 in total bills and have at least one lost item may be referred to a collection agency if the account is 60 days (or more) overdue.
  • The collection agency will make efforts to contact patrons in order to have lost fees paid or the lost items returned.
  • If there is no action after 120 days, the collection agency will send the patron’s name to credit agencies for listing.
  • Any account that is sent to the collection agency is subject to a $25 fee.


AMENDED February 24, 2023.