REGIONAL HISTORY CENTER COLLECTION USE POLICY Any requests to reproduce any of the holdings of the Uintah County Library Regional History Center (RHC) must be submitted on the RHC Collection–Order and Use Permission Form. To be valid, the form must be signed by an authorized staff member of the RHC. Permission for reproduction is granted Read more about REGIONAL HISTORY CENTER COLLECTION USE POLICY[…]

Library Standard of Conduct

Library Standards of Conduct The Uintah County Library is supported by the taxes of the residents of Uintah County who expect the Library to be a safe and comfortable place for reading, researching, studying, selecting reading materials, using computers, and attending community events and meetings. To this end, the Uintah County Library is responsible for Read more about Library Standard of Conduct[…]

Service Animal policy

SERVICE ANIMAL POLICY Animals, other than service animals, are not permitted in the Uintah County Library, unless as a part of a program authorized by a library director. Service Animals Service animal means any guide dog, signal dog, or other animal individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual Read more about Service Animal policy[…]

Meeting Room Use policy

LIBRARY MULTI-PURPOSE ROOM POLICY REPLACES: no previous policy exists The Uintah County Library Multipurpose Room is available for use by the library and the community at large in conducting programs, activities and meetings under the conditions of use outlined below.  The Library Director will designate that library staff person(s) who will schedule and coordinate use Read more about Meeting Room Use policy[…]

Material Selection Policy

LIBRARY MATERIALS SELECTION RETENTION POLICY A. Responsibility for Selection The responsibility for selection of library materials rests with the library director who operates within the framework of the policies determined by the Uintah County Library Board of Trustees who act under the authority of the Uintah County Commissioners. The library staff may offer suggestions or Read more about Material Selection Policy[…]

Uintah County Library Public Internet and Computer Access Policy

As provided in the Uintah County Library’s Mission Statement, the internet is recognized as a valuable information resource. The provision of this  service to the public, however, is subject to Federal, state, and local laws, available funding, physical space, and public need or demand. The Uintah County Public Library offers a variety of computer services Read more about Uintah County Library Public Internet and Computer Access Policy[…]