Artist in the Making: Heroes and Heroines

Who is your hero or heroine?

Sign-up using the google form link:

Include child and parent names, age of the child, and email address. Please make sure that each child is signed up individually. Then make sure to pick up your packet at the Children’s Help Desk at Uintah County Library. After completing your work of art, email a title and description of your piece (include child’s name) to our Children’s Librarian at

Turn in your completed artwork in your envelope to the Children’s Help Desk by 5 p.m. on January 12, 2018. Artwork missing a title and description will not be hung.

This is a great artistic opportunity for children and teens age 4 to 18. We will select the top works of art to hang on our walls from February to June. Each participant should sign their artwork on the lower right corner of the envelope. Please do not use glitter or any other substance that may come off onto everything. Paint, markers, colored pencils, and crayons are recommended. Artwork with glitter or gems will be disqualified.

We will carefully review each art piece that is submitted on time. If all conditions are met, you will be notified by email of your acceptance into the program and of our Artist in the Making Reception. Those accepted will also be announced on our Facebook page.

By signing up, you consent for your child to come to the Artist in the Making Reception where they will be in our group photo (which is then posted on Facebook).

Thank you for your participation.