Summer Reading Program for 2017

Yes! Summer Reading is an online program now! You no longer have to come to the library to sign-up or report your reading minutes. You can do it all online.  This will be so fun! Join us with lots of activities and adventures to fill your summer. We will have weekly activities  throughout June and July.

Fun for the entire family.

You can log in here and register .


Welcome to the Great Reading Adventure! Sign up and log your reading to enjoy adventures, take on challenges, earn badges, and attend events!

This summer’s theme is Build a Better World.  What does it take to “Build a Better World”? It depends on where we live and how we look at the world. Maybe it is as simple as learning how to have better manners, learn fire safety in the home and do some kitchen play.  Building a Better World may be personal or global. Get started and earn points and prizes.

  • How long will this program run? May 29 – August 21, 2017
  • Earn Badges by doing challenges you also earn points when you do a challenge.
  • Attend Programs earn points with a secret code announced at the program.
  • Do Adventures earn points and badges.
  • Do a Challenge earn points and badges.
  • Read books earn points for Children’s program:  20 Min = 20 points
  • Read books earn points for Tween’s program: 20 min = 20 points
  • Read books earn points for Teen program: 30 min = 20 points
  • Read books earn points for Adult program: 60 min = 20 points



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