Uintah County Library Public Internet and Computer Access Policy

As provided in the Uintah County Library’s Mission Statement, the internet is recognized as a valuable information resource. The provision of this  service to the public, however, is subject to Federal, state, and local laws, available funding, physical space, and public need or demand. The Uintah County Public Library offers a variety of computer services Read more about Uintah County Library Public Internet and Computer Access Policy[…]

Uintah County Library Board By-Laws

Article I. – BOARD OF DIRECTORS Section 1. Under the provisions of Chapter 7, Title 9 Utah Code Annotated 1953, as amended, and Title 2 Chapter 2.26 of the Uintah County Code, the Library Board of the Uintah County Library shall consist of no fewer than five, and no more than 9 board members from Read more about Uintah County Library Board By-Laws[…]

Draft Technology Plan 2010-2013

Uintah County Public Library Vernal, UT I. Mission of the library II. Introduction III. Technology and Services IV. Goals and Timeline V. Budget VI. Training for staff and community VII. Evaluation I. MISSION OF THE LIBRARY The mission of the Uintah County library is to enable and promote literacy as well as provide an alternative source Read more about Draft Technology Plan 2010-2013[…]

Library Strategic Plan 2013-2016

Board of Trustees Library Mission Library Vision Statement Access to Services Education and Learning Celebrating Heritage and Culture UINTAH COUNTY LIBRARY BOARD OF TRUSTEES Judith Huber, Chair Andrea Smith, Secretary Darlene Burns, Uintah County Commissioner Rachelle Palmer Sondra Sanders Connie Johnson W. Manford Gooch, III. M.D. Sam Passey, Library Director top MISSION: Uintah County Library Read more about Library Strategic Plan 2013-2016[…]